Walking to the Finish Line

One of my desires is to become more physically fit. I used to be very active and my body reflected this level of fitness. I did not realize how hot my body was until it wasn’t anymore. I often reminisce about the days when I had visibly defined abs, a stomach that actually stayed in my pants instead of bulging out and thighs that did not touch when I walked. Enough of the horrendous graphics. Although I enjoy sports and physical activity, I hate working out. So here comes the catch, I do not diet and I love to eat. Can you start to see where if I am not careful I might have a problem (a big FAT one).

To combat these challenges I try to find ways to sneak in some physical activity in my daily routine. And when I can afford it I hire a personal trainer. I prefer working with a trainer because I need the accountability and expertise of a professional who will kick my butt and take no excuses. So my previous trainer has been a flake for the last year and I hadn’t found another. But I am so tired of feeling dissatisfied with my current health and fitness that I decided I will do something. Inspired by Dr. Oz’  Just 10 Challenge, I have decided to spend at least 30 minutes each day focused on physical activity.

I registered for a Boot Camp but it doesn’t start until next Monday. Its tempting to just relax until then and gear up mentally for next weeks workout but instead I decided that in the interim I am taking it to the track. I have not worked out in a while so this was not an easy feat. My goal isn’t to run a marathon but just to move more than I had been. So I am proud to share that on Day 1 I completed 1 mile in under 15 minutes. Despite the intense huffing and puffing afterward I actually finished feeling like I could do more and that somehow I had taken the easy way out. No that thought did not stop me from going home because I had accomplished my goal for the day. I did set a larger goal for the rest of the week though. I vowed to complete at least 2 miles or 30 minutes, whichever is greater. And today I did, 2.25 miles in under 30 minutes  (running 1 of the 2.25 miles).  My little sister even joined me!

My focus was just starting and I did. And I felt much better. I kept my promise to myself and it was gratifying.

And the bonus just might be regaining my hot bod again. Watch out there now!

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