Vision + Action = Satisfaction

It feels so good to update my blog today because I actually had a productive week last week.  I have been executing several of my outlined plans for the year.  I can see the momentum picking up in the direction of my entrepreneurial and artistic exploration. This last week has proved to be a testament that if I move in the direction of my desires that the path will be revealed.

As I mentioned in the previous post, after a conversation with a friend I decided to spend more time focusing on enhancing my photography skills. I love working with children which therefore makes them a great subject in my photography. I immediately thought of my friends with children (or access to) and I scheduled appointments for the following week.

Here are a few of the pictures from one of these sessions:

Accomplishment is an a amazing feeling. The sessions were not perfect but I am progressing on the learning curve. I felt proud of myself for moving in the direction of my goals.

8 hours down 9992 more to go!

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