The Diet Was A Success!

So you all know that I started my first ever diet at the beginning of the year. (If you didnt check out my original post: My First Diet Ever). I vowed not to buy clothes until my birthday for a few reasons: 1) finances  2) to expand my creativity with my current wardrobe as I  take time to re-evaluate my personal style <– 3.

Well I wanted to give you an update and in the spirit of my last post I thought it the perfect time to celebrate a success.

I orginally entered this project thinking that this was going to be an extremely hard feat.  I realized that by excerising some discipline (partially imposed by my funds – well lack thereof) that it really wasn’t so bad. In fact I have lost much of my desire to shop. I have felt extremely accomplished by my ability to set and stick to this goal. I even considered continuing the fast. (Considered being the operative word.)

This challenge inspired me to become more creative with my wardrobe so stay tuned for a future post on those revelations.


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