Inspiration Requires Action

I have been inspired lately by a few awesome quotes so I wanted to share.

As I have previously written my birthday was a weird catalyst for change. It’s funny I woke up the day after my birthday determined to live a different life than I had. I have been so motivated but differently this . . . → Read More: Inspiration Requires Action

Sweetwater Farm Ladies Luncheon

Sweetwater Luncheon - ParalyzedbyPerfection

So most of you know I am an extreme foodie. I often tell others my life revolves around food. So since I have been back home and familiar with the culinary scene here in town, I have been aware of Sweetwater Farm, which is as a nonprofit community-supported urban organic farm and environmental education center . . . → Read More: Sweetwater Farm Ladies Luncheon

Photo Session: Best Friends Forever

paralyzedbyperfection - sugam4

Friendship is an amazing thing when it’s genuine and true. I am so blessed to have many awesome friends in my life. My friends all represent different period of my life thus far. Because I value friendship immensely it was a real joy to be able to capture the beginning phase of what I hope . . . → Read More: Photo Session: Best Friends Forever

Photo Session: Khamari is 2 Now!

paralyzedbyperfection - khamari6

The maternal side of my family is very close. With the hectic lives that we all have sometimes it’s hard to get us all together in one place at one time. But when we do get together we have a BLAST. I am blessed to have a cousin only 1 year (wink) older than me . . . → Read More: Photo Session: Khamari is 2 Now!

Double Whammy!

Hi I am back. I have had the hardest time having anything to write about because I honestly have not been doing anything in the direction of completing my goals per se. I am in the process of looking for a job and planning for a move which has consumed all of my time, energy . . . → Read More: Double Whammy!


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