Sweetwater Farm Ladies Luncheon

So most of you know I am an extreme foodie. I often tell others my life revolves around food. So since I have been back home and familiar with the culinary scene here in town, I have been aware of Sweetwater Farm, which is as a nonprofit community-supported urban organic farm and environmental education center in Tampa, Florida. I have been a beneficiary of the farms goodies on occasion from friends of mine who are members of the co-op. What probably pleases me most is knowing the food is fresh and organic. In this world of artificial genetically modified everything, it’s refreshing just to have home grown harvest available.

So when my friend Sanenyah alerted me to a supper club program Sweetwater Farm was offering needless to say I was ecstatic. The delight stemmed from being able to receive a free basket of goodies from the farm to use to host a dinner party for friends. I chose instead to host a luncheon with my friend.

The ingredients were not confirmed until I picked up the box on Thursday afternoon. This was so exciting … my own “Chopped” challenge. I spent a few hours roving the internet looking for recipes which would best utilize the ingredients I received for the Ladies Luncheon planned. My box contained: swiss chard, radishes, lettuce, carrots, turnips, sunburst and yellow squash, zucchini, cucumber, golden tomatoes, basil, marjoram, thyme and mint. (I wish I had taken a picture so you could see the plethora of veggies and herbs received).  I was also gifted with edible flowers and MY FAVE sunflowers!

The event was a success! I was able to find recipes which highlighted most of the ingredients given. And the folks said the food was good, which I tend to believe since there were not any leftovers.

Lastly and most importantly I was able to raise some money for the farm with donations from our luncheon guests. If you are interested in helping support the initiative of the farm please click here to donate.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

* I did not raise quite as much as I would have liked so if you know anyone who would like to host a supperclub fundraiser, I’d be more than delighted to prepare the food.

8 comments to Sweetwater Farm Ladies Luncheon

  • Melodi

    Everything was Delightfully Beautiful and Delish!!
    I Appreciate you for what you are Doing, I would love to do a Party so Pass me the Details and we’ll talk 🙂 Thanks Again, HUGS Melodi

  • It was Amazing seeing Tia go through my kitchen like a true Chopped contestant:)I Truly enjoyed the diversity in all the dishes.I was glad to see that Tia wasn’t afraid to experiment with the vegetables and show her Gift in creativity when it came to making and displaying the dishes. It made me realize that Nothing can beat fresh and organic produce. A true Foodie and tell the difference. Everyone enjoyed Everything and continued to talk about the food; even after the event was over. Tia you’re Amazing

    • Tia

      Thanks Sanenyah, I truly enjoyed myself. Thanks to you and your hubbie for offering your home for the event.

      And it seems I neglected to mention that because of her all of the ladies were treated to a Mary Kay Facial in addition to lunch.

  • I f’ed that food up.. your a true class act Tia and oh yeah thanks sweetwater :). Give me a call next time you even think about getting in the kitchen

  • What a cool idea! You know I’m interested! Let’s chat.

  • wow T _ that looks insanely GREAT

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