Re-Establishing Routine

The holidays have completely killed any semblance of routine I thought I had in my life. These past few weeks as I have been sharing my journey on this blog have made it glaringly obvious how important the reestablishment of a routine is for me.  I have allowed myself to become complacent and lazy and my oh my is it showing in every aspect of my life. I realized I need to take a moment to update my calendar and develop a daily itinerary.

I first had to take a moment to identify my daily activities (or what should be my daily activities). Then I had to evaluate where my time is currently spent. I then used my calendar to plan my days including organizational meetings, work, physical fitness etc. Because I am a planner, having the calendar include designated time for my goals and priorities will be a tremendous help. I am pretty positive that having the important items scheduled will also assure that they will not be overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the normal day. To further assure that this is the case, I have scheduled all items of priority at the beginning of the day (and what some may consider before the beginning of the day).

During the development of my calendar I realized how super busy I am everyday. This visualization helped me to internalize the need to make the most of every minute during my day, even those intended for relaxation. I must be a better steward with my time and manger of the most important resource I have at the moment.

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