Photo Session with Abby & Cami

So for those of you getting to know me, you’ll find out I love love love all forms of art. I have a special affinity for photographic art. I have taken photo classes since high  school. Yet I still am not always the most comfortable with my skill. Therefore I haven’t really ever published any of my work for anyone to see. But worse than that I often times I am not even motivated to take pictures because I get frustrated when they do not look like I envisioned. Crazy sounding, I know. We all learned that practice makes perfect so if I don’t practice I definitely won’t get better.  Well a part of my plan of action for this year was to get my 10,00 hours in of practice. (10,000 hours, yes Malcom Gladwell cites in his book Outliers that it takes that many hours to develop proficiency and excel in any area.) In order to accomplish this I want to complete a 52-Week photo project where I focus on one great photo each week. Each week it is my desire to learn or attempt a new skill or technique. I will share with you my progress as the time passes. I am a few weeks behind but I am excited to get going with this project. It is my plan to produce a coffee table book for myself with the year of images.

In this post I have included some photos from one of my favorite  sessions. I had the pleasure of photographing two sisters, Abby and Cami. The session originally started off of just Abby but the sisterly love between the two resulted in an adorable session with pictures of both.

7 comments to Photo Session with Abby & Cami

  • T – I had no idea that you were a photographer – You better start sharing your pics, ’cause they are delightful !!!! I think that one of my favorites is the 3rd from the top _ Maybe you could shoot my kids too_!

    • Tia

      I loved so many from that session but I agree that is definitely one of my ultimate favorites. What made that shot so awesome is that it was not planned. I would love to capture your kids through the lens of my camera. let’s make it happen.

  • DeMetra Jordan

    Really proud of you Tia….these pics are adorable wish you could get DiMitri’s 5th B-day pics done for me…Follow this dream you definitely have talent. Love u

    • Tia

      Thanks! We need to schedule a visit anyway so we might be able to arrange it around his 5th birthday. And if not we can make it happen for sure sometime this year.


    These are great, Tia! And you just reminded me that Outliers has been sitting on my desk for about 6 months untouched. You’re well on your way to reaching expert status.

    • Tia

      Thanks, I need to get my copy back from the person who borrowed it (and like you hasn’t read it yet). Its a good read, I think you would enjoy!

  • Abigayle

    Hey tia, it’s Abigayle your ex-little sister. I look at these pics so often and think back to the time wehere we took them. I will contact you soon as my 16th birthday has just past. I want to catch up with you. Hope to talk to you soon. 🙂

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