Not Again… Yes Again!

Here I am again, having to force myself to just do it. I have been planning to update my blog with a new post since the last post. I had many lofty ideas  for new articles to feature (which if implemented are actually great and truthfully not so lofty). But somehow I am back here again, in this same ol’ rut. I feel like I need a psychologist to help me understand why I keep ending up in this same position over and over. This cycle is literally killing me. The more I don’t do the more I feel like a failure and therefore don’t do even more.  It’s so frustrating because I am so much better than this. I deserve the greatness that I dream of. I am constantly blessed with great ideas yet they fail due to my lack of execution. I am sure its a mental problem but honestly I cannot get caught up on trying to figure out the why. I just want to get of the carousel.

It makes me angry that I can see so clearly for others what is necessary for success yet I won’t do it  for myself. Even with this post I am resisting wanting to plan it out, writing the conversation bullets, finding the pictures and quite honestly censoring myself. It feels ridiculous to be this honest but the point of this blog is to share my journey.

This week alone I have had conversations with several friends and been embarrassed to tell them what is going on (or still not going on) with me.  Not only have they lost faith in me but I have lost faith in myself.I definitely do not want to start the pity party but if you are anything like me you can most certainly relate.  So what do we do about it?

For me I know I need to create a routine and system of accountability. Studies say it takes 21 days to break a habit so for 21 days I need to committ to blogging daily.  Its not just about writing some blog post for you to read but ultimately doing something so I have something to write about for you to read.  I need to committ to 21 days of action.

Now I am human and I can most certainly declare I am not perfect so this will be a challenge but I cannot allow myself an out. This whole I am human thing was the start of making an excuse before one was even necessary … me declaring my imperfection so I wouldn’t be accountable for inaction should that occur.

So to whomever may be reading this, which at the moment isn’t anyone probably, I need your support. Simply add a comment at the bottom whenever you read a post to let me know you’re taking this journey with me.

7 comments to Not Again… Yes Again!

  • WOW, well done! No one has given up on you. FAITH! Do you have ANY? We all feel the way that you do at times. Hopefully your writings will help you realize that perfection is just a reflection (so look at things for what they are, not for what you want them to be). CongratulationS on taking this plunge and allowing us into your world. WE ALL ARE PROUD OF YOU!

    • Tia

      I do have faith, but I need the deed to go along with it. I will spend more time appreciating things for what they are and not what I desire for them to be. Thanks so much for your support, friendship and taking this journey with me.

  • Diane

    Tia … it time you join the Tampa Gem Sertoma Club …the members are great for motivating each other and I assure you will have many wonderful experiences & accomplishments to blog about every day.

    I know the feeling of having so much you want to get done, but have the problems of getting it started. I personally have found that making to do lists does not help at all ….instead I make lists of things that I accomplish each day. At the end of the day instead of looking at a list with many things undone which can be depressing, I have a list of things done which motivates me even more for the next day.

    • Tia

      Diane, I actually planned on joining this year. I am always seeking to be amongst other positive people especially women. And I like the idea of the daily accomplishment list. That will really help to keep me motivated on accomplishment.

  • Auntie M

    I never lost faith …..and I hope you realize how talented and smart you are. We all see it, you just need to believe it and move forward. Even if it is tiny steps forward — Just Do It.

  • Auntie Carla

    Ditto Auntie M. Adding I love you.

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