My First EVER Diet

Now ya’ll know my belief on dieting, I don’t! But as I stated in one of my previous posts, I am on a savings quest because I am virtually unemployed and scheduled to move in less than 30 days. So in preparation for this move and as a consequence of my finances, I decided to go on an Apparel Diet. What is this you may be wondering? I decided that I have more than enough clothes in my closet. During the holidays I looked in my closet to find clothes I had never even touched or worn only once or twice. Yet because I have been wanting to transform my wardrobe I was buying new pieces weekly.  I still want to revamp my look, as I desire to be more sophisticated in my everyday style. I hope to get out of the T-Shirt and jeans routine that I usually find myself in on a daily basis. I want to look like the women I awe at when I am out and about who look fierce yet effortless. But given the times I have to be realistic.

I read about the Great American Apparel Diet a year or so ago but was to chicken to commit and join. The timing now is perfect. I started at the first of the year and I have been successful so far (crossing my fingers hoping not to jinx myself).  I must admit thus far my success is because I have just avoided the temptation altogether. I have stayed out of the mall and my favorite stores. More tempting than those I have avoided looking at my favorite apparel sites online and opening sales emails from these merchants.

Not only do I hope this diet will help me to save money toward  other things I desire but also give me the time and perspective to evaluate my  vision for my new look. I committed to the diet for 6 months but if I can make it 1 year then I hope to be able to fund my complete makeover.  Hopefully my friend and fashion stylist, Apuje Kalu to help me shop for some amazing pieces. I would love for my friend and hair stylist Saasha Wheeler will “do my hair.” And maybe I can get Jay Fierce to finally teach me how to apply makeup for an everyday barely there look that I desire. And of course I want my favorite photographer in the world to shoot my pics … Mr. Elton Anderson, I am talking about you boy!

So I did give myself a few passes: undergarments, accessories and outerwear.  These are the essentials I will need throughout the duration of this diet.

Inspired by sites like The Uniform Project Six Items or Less, I am hoping this challenge will also force me to be more inventive with my styling. It will be great to see how much I can remix outfits so that I look different every time I am out even though I haven’t added any new items to my wardrobe.

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