My Birthday Present from Steve Harvey

Yesterday was my birthday and I began writing a blog post when I had to stop. The post was so nauseatingly negative that after writing just 1 paragraph I was feeling down and discouraged (even more than I already was, which should’ve been impossible).

This year my birthday is just another reminder of all of the unaccomplished goals and unfulfilled dreams. Instead of making new year’s resolutions, my goals usually commence around my birthday. {If I am honest it’s because this usually gives me a little grace from January or time to catch myself up before the new year hits again – as is the case this year.} As I turned 29, I find myself in the same place I was last year and the year before that. As you can imagine if that place isn’t one in which you desire, this can be a unpleasant reality.

It’s funny how God gives you what you need exactly when you need it. So this morning I happened to be in the car when the Steve Harvey Radio Show began. If you’ve ever heard the show you will know that starts with a daily inspiration.  Today the message centered around the idea that thoughts manifest. Now let me preface this by saying this by no means is a novel idea for me. I am strong believer that thoughts are things. I mean my friends heard me say this so much they began preemptively quoting this phrase whenever the negative words would begin to flow in conversation.

But despite my awareness and previous study of this fact, somehow here lately I had forgotten. I found that I have strayed from the full embrace in my own life.  As Steve continued to cite examples, I began to think more introspectively about my thoughts lately (hell this entire year past). It became clearly to m e that I have manifested a reality that I do not truly desire by focusing on the negative I have experienced and therefore expected.

So this year that began yesterday with my birthday I am returning to the optimism that I once embodied. I will remember that my life is a reflection of what I see for myself. I am regaining my vision for my life so that I can realize the greatness for which I am capable.  And that is the greatest birthday present ever: to remember that I have control over my destiny.

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  • Congratulations TIA!!! It feels good to be back in that place. Happy Birthday. Be warned there will probably be many more times in your life that you have to remind yourself of this reality. I have found for myself that I stay closer to that place and when I stray it isn’t as far or for as long as when I was younger. Blessings to you.

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