Month of Me Recap

I am very grateful to everyone who took the time to  participate in my month of me (#MonthOfMe) last month. Although I did not complete everything on the list, it was great to focus on myself a little bit while enjoying some fun yet unconventional activities with my friends.


What I earned during my month of me:

I have a lot of friends that love me. Some of whom were not able to share in the actual month of me celebrations but many who were. I thank each of you for taking the time to call, text or come celebrate with ne at one of my many celebrations throughout the month.

Its ok to be alone. I spend a lot of time alone but being by myself on my birthday for yet another year was a bit emotional. In retrospect being alone afforded me the opportunity to meet an awesome stranger who gifted me the necklace she was wearing along with a warm hug and well wishes for my upcoming year. I will always be grateful to her for her generosity and words of encouragement to move forward faithfully and fearlessly.

I should make more time to do the things I love. Why is it that I wait for some special occasion or the beginning of a new year to check things off my bucket list? Sometimes I think I over think and complicate things. I need to make myself a priority and that’s what this month is about.

My calendar and to do list are my best friends. I managed to redeem a  freebie every day during the month of May, some days even more than one. I enjoyed more than 31 free meals and several others discounted during my month of me. This was only possible because of my intense planning and management of my month of me calendar.  (You can see the photos of my adventures on Instagram).

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be awesome. Yes I put together this awesome list of 31 things to do in celebration of my 33rd birthday during my month of me. Even though I only completed 8, the month was quite a success because it’s not about checking of items for my birthday bucket list. It was about getting back to me and doing some of the things I love and hopefully having friends to join me. And man did I do that. Not to mention I did a lot of great things that weren’t on the list throughout the month too like attending the Burger Bash with my Yelp Elite family, attend my sister’s graduation, and enjoy a wine night out with a great group ladies where I discovered a few new wines I love.


So it is my intent to continue checking of my birthday bucket list items until they are all complete (which is hopefully well before next year when I’ll be creating a new birthday bucket list). And after this experience maybe it’s worth making every month a #monthofme.

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