Inspiration Through Talking to Strangers

In a random series of events I ended up on a 12 day solo journey in California. The intention of this trip was relaxation and exploration. Little did I know I would add inspiration to that equation. In a strange sequence of events I ended up meeting the founder of the I Talk to Strangers Foundation, Mr. Robbie Stokes.

Our conversation began late that night with the usual, what’s your name? where do you live? what do you do? That yielded a response that intrigued me to want to learn more. Robbie is the leader of a movement which encourages people to have meaningful conversations with each other by engaging complete strangers in conversation at (unplanned, unexpected, inopportune) times. Through this initiative Robbie has traveled the world experiencing life and culture through conversations with strangers.

This initiative began as a dream. His vision led him to quit his job in Congress, sell his unessential belongings and take his last $1500 to begin this journey. In talking and spending time with him this week, I have been so inspired. This young man did not conform to societal norms or let the naysayers dissuade him from following his dream.

I love the fact that he transformed that dream from reality by simply taking action. His road was not a cake walk but because of his clearly defined purpose he was always able to re-calibrate himself on the intended result.

How many of us have dreams? Everyone right. Even more convicting, how many of us have dreams we have yet to even act upon? I know … I am guilty myself.  I’ve made excuses, allowed myself to get distracted by the details and allowed myself to get complacent. Not this year though!

Meeting Robbie is just another validating sign from God that all it requires is action. He is a perfect example of how not to be paralyzed by perfection.

Take a moment to view my testimonial about how learning about him and his journey have impacted me.





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