Inspiration Requires Action

I have been inspired lately by a few awesome quotes so I wanted to share.

As I have previously written my birthday was a weird catalyst for change. It’s funny I woke up the day after my birthday determined to live a different life than I had. I have been so motivated but differently this time; I have been moved to action. My level of productivity has increased significantly and not because I now have more hours in the day or because I have found the magic trick to increasing proficiency or even because I have hired a team of employees or VAs to assist. It occurred because I know it’s necessary and I decided to follow through this time.

I was talking with one of my biggest supporters, friends and fellow mastermind, L10 of Elton Anderson Photography today.  We talk about so many things all of the time but today as we were talking he said “Inspiration is not inspiration without Action” (A quote from another friend Apuje – who is an amazing fashion stylist).   It resonated with me immediately. Its true if you haven’t been moved to action then how can it be inspiration? Instead it is instead just a point of admiration.  Furthermore this quote was exciting to me because it explained unconscious action taken by me here of late. I have found myself totally enthralled by many ideas which others have executed. The resulting effect has been a new set of objectives and goals for execution myself including a new blog I hope to launch this month.

The conversation continued to include talks about Oprah’s Finale Show (which I desperately need on DVD).  One of the points most poignant in Elton’s mind was the idea that everything stems from a whisper in your ear. I have had many whispers in my ear; some may call it intuition others may call it the voice of God. Regardless of what you call it acknowledgement and adherence to that voice is essential. Recently I have given the voice power and have begun listening. As a result I have been blessed abundantly.

I am still a work in progress but one thing that has made a change for me has been my self-motivated call to action. Napoleon Hill says “Don’t wait the time will never be just right.” – Hence the premise of this blog.  And I am finally understanding and internalizing that fact. Perfection to some extent is a farce but I am much closer to it now than I was a month ago when I was still paralyzed by negative expectations and the fear of failure.

Here’s to continuing on my journey. Thanks to being there with me along the way as I prove that good enough is sometimes just perfect!

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