Fakin It and Makin It

We have all heard the term “fake it til you make it” and although I understood it (or so I thought) I have always hated it. I guess you can attribute that to me (previously) being a part of the “keep it real crew.”  But now that I find myself in unfamiliar territory with my entrepreneurial explorations, I understand what that means. For me it does not mean lie. It does mean however finding ways to distract from the skills of mine which are underdeveloped. I feel like a fish out of water with many of the photography editing techniques especially any that require Photoshop but I am finding ways to accomplish the necessary tasks with shortcuts I have learned from friends and others through my studies online especially on YouTube.

I am having to embrace the idea of growth by allowing myself to take baby steps. I am embracing the role of a student as I approach many of my entrepreneurial endeavors. I will at some point master the skills which right now leave me in a state of bewilderment. (And you know what’s funny is by then I will have to learn to master new skills as the industry continues to evolve.)

I am enjoying this place of discovery and making the most of the skills I currently possess while developing the ones that I need and desire.  I have embraced a can do attitude which has caused me to have to utilize my ingenuity to mask for my deficiency in skill.  So I guess I am learning how to “fake it” a bit until I master it.

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