Emmulating Nike – Choosing to Start!

Sometimes the Nike saying “Just Do It” is what I find I really need to hear. Being a perfectionist leaves me in this perpetual cycle of inaction. I chose the name Paralyzed by Perfection because my desire to see everything done “right” leaves me most times with nothing done at all. As the year comes to a close I realize that despite the many wonderful ideas I have been blessed with over the years, I am left with none acted upon or in most cases even attempted. I have notebooks full of ideas and plans for execution but somehow I never do what’s most important by just beginning. So in the end I feel unfulfilled and disappointed. I am quite honestly tired of being a waste of talent so this blog is my attempt to overcome this challenge. This journey may be seem  a bit schizophrenic because I am a woman with varying interests and skills. (Translation: I am all over the place.) In this exploration I will pursue all of my interests and share the experiences with you. I hope to discover how to make my passions my occupation.

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