Drawing a Blank…

So I have literally been sitting at the Panera for 1 hour trying to think of what to write. I contemplated this idea yesterday as well (to no avail). Two days ago I wrote what I intended to be the entry for the day and thought it was so unfocused and all over the place I could not imagine posting it. I promised myself (and you) daily action yet my mind is completely blank. My thoughts are sporadic and all over the place, although some might find it interesting to read my rantings that’s not the intent of this online journal. So why then is that exactly what I am doing now? It’s because in this journey to overcome myself I have to be myself and therefore be honest with you.

One of my truly talented and amazing friends has taught me this first hand. Not to diminish his tremendous talent, he and I have discussed on several occasions that the core of his success lies in his dedication to being himself. Many times when consulted by him I would advise him to do what we had been trained think is best from our MBA training in college. Although he would always listen, at the end of the day he always acted based upon his personal level of comfort within his vision.

This was further demonstrated to me most recently as he was contacted about a potential job offer. This offer was perfect for the direction in which he desires to take his career. Again we put on our business hats and came up with this large proposal that was rejected. At the insistence of his friend and frat brother he contacted the company and had a conversation. In this conversation he was honest with his desire to partner and willingness to negotiate cost. The company respected his honesty and ultimately he ended up with the job he wanted. Had he not taken this step back and shown the company his genuine self (as he originally intended) then he would have missed out on a great opportunity.

So to bring this full circle and stop the rambling … right now is a hectic time for me. I am trying to get me together.  In all of this inner chaos I am struggling to see who I am yet alone be able to share it with you.  Instead of feeling guilty and allowing myself to fail yet again by not posting to my blog everyday like I promised, I have decided just to be honest.

I hope to be able to share something more profound tomorrow but as for today I am drawing a blank.

Thanks to my BFF for encouragement necessary to share this part of my journey.

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