Double Whammy!

Hi I am back. I have had the hardest time having anything to write about because I honestly have not been doing anything in the direction of completing my goals per se. I am in the process of looking for a job and planning for a move which has consumed all of my time, energy and focus!  It doesn’t feel like I am working toward my goals by doing this but in many ways I guess I am. Regaining my independence and getting my home life together is essential in helping me garner the peace I need to be functional and productive. The chaos of my life at the moment is making me literally crazy!  I am working with less than two months to make both employment and housing happen (in that order ideally).

This situation is bittersweet. Living at home has provided me the comfort of being able to “follow my dreams” and do whatever I want because of the security of having a parent who is paying all of the household bills. So I graduated with an MBA and was unable to get a job out of school, then I stopped even looking with the hopes one of these dreams would somehow workout.  Well three years later they haven’t. Not that they couldn’t have but for the reasons I have already cited many times on repeat, they just haven’t. So now I am fanning the flames off my (expletive I will substitute with the word rear) and up against a brick wall trying my hardest to break through.  Crazy enough I have realized that this may have been the situation I needed to get me to a point of action.

I have resisted looking for a job because I have allowed myself to believe that somehow I will again get comfortable and therefore lose sight totally of the desires of my heart and my entrepreneurial dreams. But after many harsh conversations with people who love me – I realize that if those are truly the desires of my heart then they will never be lost.  I mean how I can forget a desire that is truly in my heart.

In order to excel at the accomplishment of my dreams, I need to find a job which can provide for me the financial security necessary to live independently and fund my many ventures. Wish me luck as I attempt to make this MBA work for me.

I am not losing sight of my dreams because in the interim I will still be working toward harnessing my talents and refining my skills. In fact I have begun already.

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