Coupons Saved My Life!

Ok so maybe I am being a little dramatic but seriously this year was the beginning of a many experiments for me. One of which included a dedication to couponing.  I am no novice to this idea cause I grew up with my mother clipping coupons but I began learning about the world of extreme couponing. I was thrilled because this was perfect for my current financial status (ie: BROKE).  Again I mention my extreme love for food; I love to cook but groceries can quickly eat away your budget if you are not careful. So in addition to my apparel diet, I also needed to Wayne Szalinski’s miniaturizing machine to shrink my grocery bill. (Wayne Szalinski is the dad from Honey I Shrunk My Kids for all of you wondering … lol)

So I’ve done it! I have been diligent about clipping coupons and purchasing only items for which I have a coupon unless it’s a necessity. I am no coupon diva or krazy coupon lady and I haven’t amassed a stockpile like those featured on TLC, but I have been able to feed myself and my family on pennies. My couponing has allowed me to even give more abundantly to charities and friends in need. And the best part about it is it does not take me hours a day to do it. It may take 1 or 2 hours each week maximum.

Being a single 20 something, my goal is not to feed my large family with a husband and 5 kids. I also don’t need an extra room for a massive stockpile. Nor do I desire to be a hoarder who is buying just because it is on sale. I coupon so that I can enjoy eating and entertaining on my limited budget. I coupon so I can save money I would have otherwise spent on food to put toward my savings, other expenses and at times my little luxuries (like eating out and traveling).

So to all my 20 somethings get on the ball. You don’t have to be all extreme but if you can save a little money on things you would already be purchasing and using in your home anyway, WHY NOT!

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