Not Again… Yes Again!

Here I am again, having to force myself to just do it. I have been planning to update my blog with a new post since the last post. I had many lofty ideas for new articles to feature (which if implemented are actually great and truthfully not so lofty). But somehow I am back here . . . → Read More: Not Again… Yes Again!


This morning was not encouraging one for me. As I may have previously mentioned this blog is has been a long time coming. My friends have known of this quest and encouraged me repeatedly to begin. And now that I have its still not good enough. Some of my closest friends wouldn’t even look at . . . → Read More: Step-By-Step

Walking to the Finish Line

One of my desires is to become more physically fit. I used to be very active and my body reflected this level of fitness. I did not realize how hot my body was until it wasn’t anymore. I often reminisce about the days when I had visibly defined abs, a stomach that actually stayed in . . . → Read More: Walking to the Finish Line

2011 Begins Today!

I have decided not to wait for the new year to begin to start planning for it. I have spent the year sitting on so many plans already. With it being so close to the end of the year, my propensity is to just wait and add the new “to dos” to the list of . . . → Read More: 2011 Begins Today!

Emmulating Nike – Choosing to Start!

Sometimes the Nike saying “Just Do It” is what I find I really need to hear. Being a perfectionist leaves me in this perpetual cycle of inaction. I chose the name Paralyzed by Perfection because my desire to see everything done “right” leaves me most times with nothing done at all. As the year comes . . . → Read More: Emmulating Nike – Choosing to Start!


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