Month of Me Recap

I am very grateful to everyone who took the time to participate in my month of me (#MonthOfMe) last month. Although I did not complete everything on the list, it was great to focus on myself a little bit while enjoying some fun yet unconventional activities with my friends.


What I earned during my . . . → Read More: Month of Me Recap

It’s My Birthday: Month of Me Bucket List

This year I have decided to celebrate my birthday by borrowing an idea from my one of my virtual friends Jason Francis. He celebrated his birthday with a campaign he called the #monthofme. Subsequently my friend Natalie claimed her month and I figured why don’t I do the same.


As you can see (from . . . → Read More: It’s My Birthday: Month of Me Bucket List

Libra List – September Bucket List

So as you may know last month I had this bright idea to create a monthly bucket list, which I called my Leo List. It was a personal challenge to get out and about and accomplish both some of my personal and professional goals. I included things that would help me to stretch a little . . . → Read More: Libra List – September Bucket List

August Bucket List – (In)Completed

So I set out to get out and about this month with a list of to dos which I called my Leo List (my August Bucket List). After working three years at a job which left me with very little spare time, I just want to take some time to enjoy myself. This list was . . . → Read More: August Bucket List – (In)Completed

My Open Letter to Ms. Bevy

A few weeks ago I applied to attend one of Ms. Bevy’s Life With Vision dinners, happening Labor Day weekend. The application consisted of answering a few questions which would display why you should be chosen for this event. The exercise although it did not yield me a spot at the table (which was yet . . . → Read More: My Open Letter to Ms. Bevy

Opinions (Even Mine) Don’t Matter

So it occurred to me after having a conversation with a new friend that much of my (and others) paralysis comes from the desire to seek approval from others. It’s funny, I never thought of it that way, probably cause I want to be the strong, independent woman who has my shit together. And while . . . → Read More: Opinions (Even Mine) Don’t Matter

Leo List – My August Bucket List

As I indicated in the previous post, I want to be a woman of action this month. I am determined to work daily on my professional development but my personal development is just as important. I am not currently working a traditional job and I want to take this hiatus to enjoy life a little. . . . → Read More: Leo List – My August Bucket List

Can’t I Stay In Bed Instead?!

I woke up this morning not even wanting to get out of the bed. I did though very begrudgingly and took a ride to my favorite “home office,” Panera. I grabbed some breakfast, pulled out the laptop and got to work. Even though initially it was a bit of a mental struggle, once I got . . . → Read More: Can’t I Stay In Bed Instead?!

Friends In The Storm

With the recent sequence of events, I have been very sad and disappointed in my seemingly poor judgment of others. How could this seemingly well educated and knowledgeable person make such a bad decision with her time and her resources? It’s very easy to have a pity party and get on the woe is me . . . → Read More: Friends In The Storm

Yes I Was Burned, But I Call It A Lesson Learned

It’s funny I always seem to return to this blog in times of transition. Maybe if I stayed on the bandwagon, I would never fall off. Nonetheless, here we go again.


Well after another misadventure, I am stuck trying to figure out the direction of my life again. I could sit here and dwell . . . → Read More: Yes I Was Burned, But I Call It A Lesson Learned


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