Can’t I Stay In Bed Instead?!

I woke up this morning not even wanting to get out of the bed. I did though very begrudgingly and took a ride to my favorite “home office,” Panera. I grabbed some breakfast, pulled out the laptop and got to work. Even though initially it was a bit of a mental struggle, once I got started though things seemed to flow and I was able to tackle many of the items on my to do list.

I am sure you have been in that same boat plenty of times before too. Sometimes I succumb to the feeling of overwhelm, lethargy, sadness or whatever emotion hormones or my current circumstances have racing through my body at the time. I feel so much better about my day and myself when I don’t though. Nike coined it right; sometimes you have to just do it.

As I continue this journey to overcome my paralysis, I learn more and more how much action is often the solution. The tasks may not be executed perfectly but something is better than nothing. And more often than not that something is plenty enough.

So this month, I have challenged myself to take time every single day to just do it. Just take one action toward accomplishing my goals and fulfilling my dreams. I will do the things I don’t want to get the things I do. This is usually much easier for me when I get away from my distractions, which for me are my way too smart phone, the internet and its connection to the social media chatter, and television. So needless to say I plan to spend a lot of time at my favorite wi-fi enabled cafes and hot spots.

I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment and I choose to focus on that feeling instead of the others which often keep me stuck in the cycle of inaction. Please join me in my challenge this month and share in the comments what helps you stay focused.

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