Awake at 4am, Yes Everyday!

So this morning I woke up at 4am like I always do. But this morning after my normal nature call I laid back down until 5am. By 5 though continuing to lay in the bed would have been pointless and a waste of time that could be much better spent. I know you probably think I am ridiculous and/or crazy, don’t worry I have heard it all before from my friends who still cannot believe I am such an early morning person. {I will admit to compensate for such early mornings I must admit that I am usually asleep by 10pm unless I can manage to squeeze in a nap sometime during the day.} So whats the point Tia …

The point is that I have learned that my most productive time is early morning. Even as far back as high school I can remember waking up early early mornings to finish projects before catching the bus to go to school. This trend continued in college (I scheduled all of my classes to conclude before noon except for the few required classes that would not fit in my schedule otherwise). Even as I have matured even more into my adult life this is still the case.

Knowing this fact about myself I attempt to schedule all things which require thought or priority first thing in the morning when I am fresh and my thoughts are most clear. Fortunately the benefits of my Rooster tendencies also usually provide me with fewer distractions therefore I am able to embrace the quiet time and devote my undivided attention to the tasks at hand. I mean lets be real who else is really awake at 4am? What programming is really so compelling at 4am (unless you career involved watching infomercials and television re-runs). What errands can be run at 4am (other than Walmart – and to be honest that my favorite time to visit Wally World)? So you get the drift. This is my sweet spot not only because this is the time my body loves – and consequently wakes me up whether I want to or not – but more importantly because of the level of focus I am able to obtain due to limited distractions and interruptions.

I used to pride myself on being able to function in chaos. And for trivial items requiring little thought this is still the case. But for those items that require what possesses within me, I have learned to prioritize those items when the distractions are few and my mind is most alert. (That being said I used my morning time today working on some other projects that were past due so forgive any errors you may find in this post.)

In closing, if you haven’t already you may find it helpful to identify your most productive time of day. Then allow yourself undivided time to complete your tasks during that time; undivided means no television, no telephones or IM, no Facebook and anything else which may divert your attention. I will be embracing my quiet time much more as I work toward the accomplishment of my goals this year and overcoming of my paralysis.

4 comments to Awake at 4am, Yes Everyday!

  • I am so with you on this one Tia. I’ve been saying the same thing as I too was up early but my quiet time starts around 2:30am, and yes, I do instinctively wake up during that time to start working, napping later after taking my daughter to school.

    Your post is so dead on and in alignment with many things that I’m realizing. Great job and so excited to see you blogging!

    • Tia

      Thanks Nicole, its been a desire of mine for so long; just making it happen this year. You have been a great inspiration to follow. Hope to see you soon! Stay warm.

  • Diane

    I am a AM person too! so much that if I do not accomplish some task by noon, I feel that the day is wasted, so i waste the rest of it and it a better start the next day. If I have a productive AM, then it will carry over into the late evening. However, atleast once or twice a month I need a nothing day to recharge!

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