August Bucket List – (In)Completed

So I set out to get out and about this month with a list of to dos which I called my Leo List (my August Bucket List). After working three years at a job which left me with very little spare time, I just want to take some time to enjoy myself. This list was mixture of social and personal items to enjoy as I completed them. Below is my progress as the month as come to an end.

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1. Catch a sunset at the beach.

2. Read at least 2 books.

Done, I actually read 3 if you count my audio book too. Jib Jib Jab by Gary Vaynerchuck, Rich Like Them by Ryan D’Agostino and 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.

3. Go bowling or skating with friends.

Unfortunately this did not happen, I couldn’t convince any of my friends to come with me. I may have to go solo next month or find a bowling league.

4. Have a picnic in the park.

Nope, I was hoping for some romantic date and well … um … that didn’t happen.

5. Take a bike ride.

I need to purchase a bike so this did not happen either. I was hoping to visit a place like Miami where they have the ones you can rent and take for a ride and drop off at another point somewhere else in the city.

6. Attend a live music event.

The event I planned to attend got rained out … well to be honest the event didn’t get rained out but I did.

7. Volunteer at least once this month.

I wish but no.

8. Surprise someone with a gift.

In the mail! I can’t wait until it arrives.

9. Take some time to talk to a stranger.


10. Take the dog for a walk once a week.

I have failed Mr. Alexander, I have not walked him once.

11. Experiment with a makeup look from one of my saved YouTube videos.

I got too consumed with finding the right shade of foundation. This is when I wish I were rich and famous and could just hire someone to do my make-up for me. I have this on the agenda for next month though cause I have a few events where I need my face to be flawless.

12. Try happy hour at a new restaurant.

I did try a few new restaurants but I did not knock of any off of my happy hour to do list.

13. Eat brunch at one of the restaurants on my foodie hit list.

Done! I have wanted to go to City Fish a local restaurant here for their all you can eat Sunday brunch buffet. Well I did not make it to the Sunday brunch buffet but they recently debuted a Saturday brunch and your girl made it. Well by the time I got there it was more lunch than breakfast as you can tell by what I ordered. I am definitely excited to go back though for the Sunday brunch.
(Insert Picture)

14. Cook a new recipe from one of my cookbooks or Pinterest boards.

I tried a new pound cake recipe and it was a winner! I made this cake for a birthday party and the guests really enjoyed. I allowed my mom to sample it and I she bought all of the supplies immediately so I could make her one; that solidifies that this was a recipe for the archives.

15. Update resume.

Done and I have a few applications in … cross your fingers something comes through.

16. BLOG at least 3x each week.

Can I get partial credit on this one?! I have only written about one post per week. I am gon’ do better I promise.

17. Record and learn to edit my intro for my YouTube series.

I didn’t get this done but it’s on the agenda for sure for September.

18. Book my end of the year vacation.

Don’t get me started on this; this has been a true downer for me because being a solo traveler is not easy. I found several great international deals but the single supplement made them not so great anymore. Hopefully next month I can secure a trip somewhere, even if I have to settle for something domestic.


I hope you were able to enjoy some of these activities this month. I enjoyed the challenge even though I did not complete every single item on the list. I will say I was conscious about completing these tasks throughout the month. I enjoyed this exercise so much that I have already created my list from September. My goal is 100% completion. Please feel free to join me.

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