Photo Session: Khamari is 2 Now!

paralyzedbyperfection - khamari6

The maternal side of my family is very close. With the hectic lives that we all have sometimes it’s hard to get us all together in one place at one time. But when we do get together we have a BLAST. I am blessed to have a cousin only 1 year (wink) older than me . . . → Read More: Photo Session: Khamari is 2 Now!

Photo Session with Abby & Cami

So for those of you getting to know me, you’ll find out I love love love all forms of art. I have a special affinity for photographic art. I have taken photo classes since high school. Yet I still am not always the most comfortable with my skill. Therefore I haven’t really ever published any . . . → Read More: Photo Session with Abby & Cami

Double Whammy!

Hi I am back. I have had the hardest time having anything to write about because I honestly have not been doing anything in the direction of completing my goals per se. I am in the process of looking for a job and planning for a move which has consumed all of my time, energy . . . → Read More: Double Whammy!

Wearing the Mask of Honesty

I had a great time tonight at my friends’ monthly girls night social. How I came to be invited to interact with this group of women is quite interesting because I had not been in touch with my friend in almost a year. After our first night out, it was evident that this was most . . . → Read More: Wearing the Mask of Honesty

Re-Establishing Routine

The holidays have completely killed any semblance of routine I thought I had in my life. These past few weeks as I have been sharing my journey on this blog have made it glaringly obvious how important the reestablishment of a routine is for me. I have allowed myself to become complacent and lazy and . . . → Read More: Re-Establishing Routine

Drawing a Blank…

So I have literally been sitting at the Panera for 1 hour trying to think of what to write. I contemplated this idea yesterday as well (to no avail). Two days ago I wrote what I intended to be the entry for the day and thought it was so unfocused and all over the place . . . → Read More: Drawing a Blank…

Awake at 4am, Yes Everyday!

So this morning I woke up at 4am like I always do. But this morning after my normal nature call I laid back down until 5am. By 5 though continuing to lay in the bed would have been pointless and a waste of time that could be much better spent. I know you probably think . . . → Read More: Awake at 4am, Yes Everyday!

Not Again… Yes Again!

Here I am again, having to force myself to just do it. I have been planning to update my blog with a new post since the last post. I had many lofty ideas for new articles to feature (which if implemented are actually great and truthfully not so lofty). But somehow I am back here . . . → Read More: Not Again… Yes Again!


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