2011 Begins Today!

I have decided not to wait for the new year to begin to start planning for it. I have spent the year sitting on so many plans already. With it being so close to the end of the year, my propensity is to just wait and add the new “to dos” to the list of unfinished or unaccomplished “to dos” to compose my you know it, New Year’s Resolutions. But I choose to start today. Why waste another month “planning” when I already know the actions steps necessary to accomplish those goals. I am resisting inaction and fighting against complacency.

To keep myself accountable, I am sharing my top 10 resolutions with you.

  1. Complete my Vision Board
  2. Develop at least one of my business ideas into an active business operation.
  3. Launch my blogs and write daily.
  4. Reduce my body fat percentage. (The goal is 17%)
  5. Visit at least 2 new countries and 10 new cities.
  6. Complete my 52 Week Photo Project.
  7. Complete at least 250 community service hours in the area of youth development.
  8. Dust off the sewing machine and begin sewing again.
  9. Revamp my wardrobe to represent my current style and lifestyle.
  10. Learn and try something new everyday.

This year will be different from the last. I will work fervently toward the accomplishment of my goals and realization of my dreams. I will succeed because my path has been divinely designed. I am looking forward to a wonderful new year.

1 comment to 2011 Begins Today!

  • Way To Go Tia !!!!!! You are SO far ahead by just diving in _ Dig it!! You have helped me a lot to re – consider re – organize and get Going !!!
    Go ‘Lil Sister _!!!

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