It’s My Birthday: Month of Me Bucket List

This year I have decided to celebrate my birthday by borrowing an idea from my one of my virtual friends Jason Francis. He celebrated his birthday with a campaign he called the #monthofme.  Subsequently my friend Natalie claimed her month and I figured why don’t  I do the same.


As you can see (from the previous blog posts), last year I experimented with developing monthly bucket lists which were intended to help me stay focused on my yearly goals throughout the year. Often I get to the end of the year and reflect on the things not yet accomplished and I wanted to set myself up for success this year instead. My year is not usually synced with the start of a new year in January like most but instead with a new year of life for me which is my birthday. My desire is to change my birthday from being a time when I reflect on all that I haven’t accomplished to a time when I am excited about the accomplishments of the year past and focused on continuing the growth in to the year ahead.


So when I read this idea of celebrating myself for the entire month I thought, it’s my birthday why not?! So this month just like my attempts in the past, I have composed a list of things that I would like to do for myself this month. I intend for this month to be full of fun and adventure. I hope this list may also serve as a catalyst to help me develop new habits, since they say it only takes 21 days and my #monthofme has 31.  Please feel free to join me in any of my tasks and celebrations by following me on Instagram or Facebook.


  1. Attend a fight party to enjoy the Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing match.
  2. Record a YouTube lip sync video with my friends.
  3. Volunteer at least 2 hours to a charity or good cause.
  4. Get a manicure and pedicure.
  5. Get a 1 hour long full body massage.
  6. Get my eyebrows arched.
  7. Enjoy a beach day with friends.
  8. Go blueberry picking.
  9. Take a trip to Sarasota and eat at Yoder’s.
  10. Take a photo walk in the city.
  11. Take a road trip to somewhere new.
  12. Complete the photo a day challenge.
  13. Work out at least 3x a week for the entire month.
  14. Enjoy all of my birthday freebies.
  15. Use YoutTube to learn a  new make up look.
  16. Eat at Ella’s Folk Art Cafe
  17. Eat at Edison
  18. Eat at Ulele
  19. Sew an outfit for myself.
  20. Try a new hair style.
  21. Complete my first eBook
  22. Commission a fun portrait of myself.
  23. Go salsa dancing and test out my new moves.
  24. Go Skating or Bowling with friends.
  25. Try 4 new recipes.
  26. Maintain a gratitude journal, complete a daily entry.
  27. Reach out to reconnect with a few old friends.
  28. Write a handwritten note to tell someone thank you.
  29. Enjoy a day at the theme park.
  30. Complete my business registration and blog redesign.
  31. Complete my vision board


This month is about personal growth and development and doing a lot of what I love. Thanks for joining me on my birthday exploration.

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